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About FSB Professor & Laboratory Cirriculum
교수 및 연구실
(Food Chemistry Lab)
  Professor : Tae Wha Moon
Home Page : http://foodchemistry.snu.ac.kr
Location : Bldg.200 Room.8103
Tel. : +82-2-880-4861
  Food chemistry laboratory has done researches about physicochemical changes of food components and food processing methods based on those. Our recent studies are about: the relationship between structure and functionality of food protein, characterization and utilization of functional components inhibiting cholesterol absorption in traditional fermented food, the reactivity between protein and polysaccharide, physicochemical and functional properties of low digestible starch, and production of functional food ingredients like modified dietary fiber, functional peptide from industrial byproducts
  주요 연구 분야
    Correlations between structure and functionality of food protein and polysaccharide
Evaluation of food protein functionality in food system
Development of functional food ingredients such as modified dietary fiber and low digestible starch from various carbohydrate sources
Increasing industrial usage of unused agricultural resources
식품화학실(Food Chemistry Lab) 생물분자공학실(Biomolecular Engineering Lab) 식품분자미생물학실(Molecular Food Microbiology Lab) 식품안전성 독성학 연구실(Food Safety and Toxicology Lab) 효소공학실(Enzyme Technology Lab) 식품공학실(Food Engineering Lab) 식품위생학실(Food Safety Lab) 식의학유전체실(Food Safety Lab)