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About FSB Professor & Laboratory Cirriculum
In 21st century, mankind is solving the problems that could not have solved before development of cutting-edge biotechnology. Accordingly, we actively adopt and research the biotechnology. At the same time, we make an effort to apply and utilize the cutting-edge biotechnology for our wealthy future.

So we devoted over 40 years to study and foster people of ability.

Food Science & Biotechnology covers theory and techniques associated with physicochemical property, processing, preservation and effect to human health of foods that provide fundamental energy, nutrition and bioactive substances. Food Science & Biotechnology is a high technology and synthesis science that contains chemistry, biology and engineering.

From 2005, we established department of food and animal biotechnology with animal bioscience technology major to accelerate the research and application of cutting-edge biotechnology.

Let us introduce our department and laboratories. We ask for your interest to Food Science & Biotechnology department. Thank you.